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We have created this site as a portal to deliver and disseminate centralised updates in regards to Mascot Towers. 


1 - 5 Bourke Street, Mascot NSW 2020 

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For any media related inquiry, please refer to Mascot Tower's media liaison:

Patrick McGuire

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Mascot Towers has engaged an array of professionals to assist with litigation, engineering and expert advice.

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 Information for Owners and Residents

Mascot Towers first and foremost would like to assure you that your issues are being heard! We are collating hundreds of requests for information and will forward through updates when/as received.


We have created a separate page for owners to access information not readily available to the public. Please find this at the top of the page. 


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  • NSW Government - Fair Trading hotline - 13 32 20

  • NSW Government - Fair Trading fact sheet, which is available here

  • Building Manager contact details - 0400 366 243 / 8056 6177


Frequently asked questions

When can I get back into my apartment?

Updates will be provided on a month-to-month basis as to the estimated date of re-occupancy. The estimated re-occupancy date will be determined among the Owners Corporation’s various experts and consultants and will involve consultation with various third parties, including the Bayside Council and potentially the NSW Government to determine with the greatest possible specificity for the issue of occupation certificate. We note that the remediation works are progressing as quickly and efficiently as possible. The building and the various works being undertaken are dynamic in nature and things are changing on a daily basis. Please understand that any estimates as to the date of re-occupation are indeed estimates only, and are subject to change. For further information, please contact

I have insurance, can I make a claim?

You need to speak to your insurance company about your policy (contents insurance, landlord insurance etc)

Who pays for the cost for rectification?

The obligation to rectify any defects lies with the Owners Corporation (which is ultimately the individually lot owners collectively)

Can the Owners Corporation recover any of these costs?

In any litigation, recovery of costs will be dependant upon establishing a causal link between an act or omission by a third party and an element of damage at Mascot Towers.

Current indications are that at least a portion of the damage (and events ancillary to the suffering of that damage) will be recoverable by Mascot Towers through litigation.

Work is continuing to determine with some precision the extent of the damage at Mascot Towers that is likely to be deemed recoverable.

For non-litigious recovery prospects, see the section of insurance above.

How much will it cost to fix the building?

a. The full cost of remediation for the building is yet to be quantified.
b. Estimates for known defects have been documented in the minutes of prior EGMs, AGM and Strata Committee meetings.

This has become a matter of public interest. How do we handle the media?

The Owners Corporation has engaged a spokesperson, who can be contacted at

Has the Owners Corporation sought a review of the engineer’s findings (a peer review)?

The Strata Committee discussed this with the strata and building manager and determined that this would be appropriate for reasonable due diligence and duty of care.

A number of peer reviews have been undertaken by third party structural engineers confirming the propping that has been undertaken to various structural members.

Tim Hoare (structural engineer) of Bonacci Group is proposed to be engaged to undertake a full peer review of the permanent structural remediation design currently being prepared by Vadim Topolinsky of Top Consulting Group.

Were the identified issues caused or aggravated by the construction next door?

Investigations into causation are ongoing at this stage. The Mascot Towers expert panels of geotechnical and structural engineers are of the view currently that:

1. The de-stabilisation of the basement raft slab has been caused by the design and construction of the basement carpark levels at the next door Peak Towers development; and

2. The evacuation event in June 2019 was triggered by the de-stabilisation of the basement raft slab which was the likely cause of contemporaneous flexural and shear cracking in structural members and an aggravating factor in any pre-existing cracking in the structure.

A more detailed analysis of the causation of the various damaged elements within Mascot Towers in currently in progress.

Is my apartment secure?

Security guards are stationed at Mascot Towers around the clock.

I am a tenant, who do I speak to about my concerns?

You should speak with your landlord and or agent in the first instance. NSW Fair Trading may also be able to assist.

What if I have further questions?

Please contact

Further Information

This site will be updated regularly. Please refer back to this site for updates on Mascot Towers. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. 


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